In loving memory of livia grace stilke

2016 NEWS!

We are now accepting donations on paypal!!

Without donations from awesome supporters like you; Livgracefully would not exist. 

When Livia passed away, we were "gifted" this logo and name from Kirsten's Brother in law and sister.  Amid the pain, they knew that someday, this little logo could have a significant impact on how we deal with Livia's tremendous loss.   With her name being Livia Grace, this motto is the absolute perfect mantra for not only how we want to live our lives; but to teach others just how Livia lived hers.  Livie's loss is fresh, it is new, it still burns and it always will.  But this entity that we were given has allowed us to take our pain, and find something positive from losing our sweet little girl.  Livgracefully has given our family purpose.  It has given us hope and it has given us determination.  If this little logo hadn't been lovingly made....I often wonder where we would be today. 

Our logo and this mantra is our mission in this life.  If we can't spend it with Livia here on Earth, then we vow to share her story with as many people who will listen.  We strive to make Livgracefully a household name, that changes each life it touches.  Our goals now are to raise money for scholarships  to local area high schoolers.  We also hope to raise money to help aid in research for a cure for Cystinosis and Fibromuscular Dysplasia.  We hope to be able to reach out and help those in need.  We hope to do good and to give back, just as our little girl scout did in her short 8 years here on Earth. 

But we certainly cannot do this without each of you.  Your support, belief, and encouragement in us makes each day possible.  This little logo gives us purpose, but your support helps drive that purpose to be able to live our lives with a motivation that is hard to describe.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity.  Thank you for visiting us today!

UPDATE: (AS OF 09/2016)  ​​​​WE DID IT!!!!  THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT, WE ARE PLEASED TO REPORT that on Livia's An​gelversary, we donated over $4000 to CRN and FMDSA; in search for a cure!  We NEVER could have done this without your help! 

Please consider shopping on Amazon Smile! They will donate 2% of every purchase to Livgracefully!

Please consider making a Tax deductible donation to Livgracefully!  We are a 501c(3)!

​We spent all of 2017 and most of 2018 fundraising by selling a variety of quality, beautiful t-shirts, hoodies, bracelets and stickers!  We are thrilled to report that we had made enough money to start our Livgracefully Scholarship Fund!!  Starting this year, 2018, we will be awarding 2 recipients each a $500 scholarship to the college of their choice!  This is for Elkhorn Area High School Seniors!

We are also officially a 501c(3)!!


2017-2018 NEWS!!

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